Why work with Gomalon?

We are a team always brimming with energy with a bunch of passionate and innovative people! We’ve always believed that people are more than the skills they pick up along the way and the certifications they hold! If you aren’t looking for a monotonous job, you’ve landed at the right place. We are growth-oriented and market-focussed and would love to promote learning and creativity in our environment because ‘Sky is our only limit!’.

We are always on the lookout for young vibrant people who share our vibe and believe that impossible is a word only to be found in the dictionary of fools! If Gomalon is already getting you pumped up, we would love to have you as part of our team!

We are always looking for individuals who believe that they can change the world with a swish of their wands! We are all about pushing boundaries and taking every failure as a stepping stone to success in an ever changing, dynamic atmosphere! We believe in effective communication skills and are open to anyone who stands for what they believe irrespective of their experience. So, if you believe that you will be a perfect tile that would complete our puzzle, scroll down to find more about some of our openings at Gomalon:

Business Engagement Manager (BEM)

As Business Engagement Manager at Gomalon, you will be the face of the business, point of contact to our partners and will be instrumental in building strong business networks. If you are a quick learner, enjoy working in the adventurous world of start ups and love keeping yourself updated about the market, do find below our requirements.

  • Be able to build a strong content base on our merchants, ensure its quality and regularly update it
  • Constantly interact and act as the single point of contact for all needs of the merchants, understand their requirements and guide them through the portal
  • Quickly on-board the merchants & develop business by cross-selling packages to suit their needs
  • Focus on achievement of daily targets, gain market intelligence by constantly scanning for any new entrants in the market, ensure to on-board them within the defined timelines
  • Provide business analytics and inputs to the technical team on requirements discussed with the merchants

Business Contact Manager (BCM)

As Business Contact Manager at Gomalon, you will be responsible for orchestrating business engagement managers and merchants by structuring out business operations, fostering communications and removing any hassles that can come on the way. If you love to plan and structure out your work, have an eye for detail and love to be part of a growing business network, do find below our requirements:

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Be able to build a strong content base on our merchants, ensure its quality and regularly update it
  • Guide the merchants effectively over telephonic conversations on the usage and benefits of the Gomalon portal
  • Schedule and ensure prior appointment for Business Engagement Managers with the merchants
  • Verify the information provided by the Engagement Managers with merchants
  • Perform quality checks to ensure accurate data on the portal at all times

We would love if you have-

  • Excellent oral and written commuication skills in English
  • An eye for detail, good analytical skills and are innovative and self-motivated
  • Ability to work in a highly charged environment without compromising on quality
  • Hard working with the ability to achieve and exceed targets
  • An aptitude for computers and are tech-savvy
  • Are comfortable to work long and unpredictable hours

Don't hesitate to contact us on the below address if you like what you have seen, and feel that you can fit in at Gomalon.

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