So...What is Gomalon?!

Have you been wondering where you can treat yourself with a good massage therapy? Or been wondering which the best salon in your area is? Well, you’re not alone this time!

We realised that everyone needed to de-stress, look good and ultimately feel good! With this in mind, we decided to develop Gomalon – Your one stop shop for everything wellness!

In short, Gomalon is your wellness companion where you can linger around, relax and explore the best wellness experiences in your city at uniform prices as well as standardized services across all our partner venues! In here, you will find the best venues to relax and rejuvenate, for a better you, today!

Need an example?

Let’s say you have an intense muscle knot and is looking to book for a good Deep tissue massage. All you have to do is, log onto Gomalon.com and allow yourself to book an appointment from the best options that fits your requirements (Including time and date) in your location of interest.

Here’s how we prove to be your trusted online wellness portal!

  • A platform where you can learn everything about wellness
  • A widespread list of carefully crafted venue partners across the city with a professional touch
  • Photos of each venue to help you get a feel of the place
  • Reviews and ratings to help you decide better
  • Efficient filters to help you choose between the best options and save time!
  • Efficient chat support to guide you all the way through until the very last step

Interesting isn’t it? That’s all that we are! But what are we not??

We do not provide services! We help you get an upper-hand at the best beauty and wellness experiences in the city! We are your Trusted Online Wellness Portal!

Then again, we aren’t either a cosmetic or a pharmaceutical company! We are the master of everything wellness around you and across the city! With Gomalon, you can learn everything about wellness and know what’s best for you!


Anil is on a determined mission to help everyone De-stress, look good and ultimately feel good! He is an Investment Banker with over 14 years of experience and his passion to revolutionize the beauty and wellness industry never fails to amaze everyone around! In his own words “It is possible for everyone to look worth a Billion. You just need to know where to go!